Teddy Babes

Like most American businesses on hiatus because of the worldwide health crisis, Eighth Wonder LLC has taken this time to fundamentally upgrade and improve our Teddy Babes design!

Now far more flexible and cuddly, our new generation of Teddy Babes have enhanced internal armatures, along with a new anal opening, and dynamic rotating leg joints, adding dramatically to their flexibility and allowing them to be enjoyed far more easily and comfortably in various sexual positions –from missionary, to doggie-style, and even anal! See our DOLL FEATURES page for details.

Our new and improved Teddy Babes are now scheduled to ship the week of August 10th, 2020, but are available for discounted PREORDERS now!  Normally retailing for $799, we are offering them for the special preorder price of $699 plus shipping until the end of August.   (Credit cards will not be billed [and PayPal payments will be held in escrow] until dolls are ready to ship.)  So, don’t delay!  Be among the first to have your beautiful plush girlfriend wrap her sexy legs around you!

Why hug your pillow at night when you can hug one of these?

Bringing pleasure and comfort to thousands of happy customers since 2006, Teddy Babes are made from materials that are 100% safe, and created and manufactured in the USA.