Dear Eighth Wonder, LLC …

“I just received my Lisa, and I fell instantly in love! Your product is amazing! Why didn’t I think of something like this?”

“If I had a Teddy Babe when I was going through puberty, I never would have left my bedroom. She’s absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much.”

“An excellent product, and your customer service is top notch. You guys really know how to treat people. …Thank you for everything.”

“Tina is a major babe! …No more cold winter nights for me.”

“Thank you both very much for selling such a high quality product and shipping it so promptly. I am completely satisfied with my order.”

“Well done for providing an affordable cuddle companion.”

“Well, I’ve had [Tina] for a couple of weeks now, strange…I’m having more fun with her than all the women I’ve met all together. Good job, guys!”

“My doll Akiko arrived two days ago and I want to write this letter to thank you. She is truly a work of art. I was not expecting such quality and perfection. …The main reason I purchased her was just to have someone to sleep with. Please let me explain. I am sixty-five years old and after twenty-three years of a wonderful storybook marriage, my wife passed away two months ago. …They say time heals and I sure hope so. …For many years I have slept soundly all night long but now I toss and turn, waking up three and four times a night, and haven’t got a restful night’s sleep since this happened. After doing some research on the internet, I picked your product in hopes that just having someone next to me would let me sleep better. …Well, to make this letter short, I dressed her in a pair of pajamas, watched some TV, and then had the best and soundest sleep I have had in a long time. I’m not going into the psychology aspect of it, all I know is that it worked for me. Later on I’m sure I will explore her other attributes, but for now I am so happy I can get a good night’s sleep. Thank you for a very fine product. Please add me to your list of satisfied customers.”

“As long as I can remember, my husband has begged me for a threesome. …He has a thing for redheads and always had a hard-on for Jessica Rabbit. So, for his 40th birthday, I surprised him with your ‘Lisa, Posh Redhed Vixen.’ …When he came home from work, he found ‘us’ waiting for him in the bedroom, bathed in candlelight and wearing matching see-thru black negligees. I haven’t seen him that aroused in years! …We had a really great time. Thanks Teddy Babes!”

“What’s better than a Teddy Babe? THREE Teddy Babes!!! Cindy’s two sisters arrived last Thursday and the weekend was a blast! Heeheehee! …Thanks for making a guy’s fantasy come true.”

“In all, I own four dolls, including a [industry leading product] …[that] cost me $7,000 … and your Babes are by far the most lovable and sensuous ‘artificial companions’ I have ever had. I thoroughly enjoy my Lisa and sleep with her now every night.”

“I get a lot of pleasure and relaxation from just brushing my Tina’s hair while we watch television at night. I know it sounds weird, but she’s made a big difference in my life. …Thank you for coming up with her.”

“Your Teddy Babes don’t quite measure up to the lifelike beauty of my [industry leading product], but they’re certainly great for cuddling and the price is right …so [they are] probably the best ‘starter doll’ out there. …I’m sure Teddy Babes will be very popular.”

“I’m a woman (non-lesbian) and an avid doll collector. …I bought my Teddy Babes for their artistic value, not for sex. …They are exceptionally well made and simply adorable. …Tina and Cindy are wonderful additions to my [collection]. I’m saving up now to buy the other two.”

“You people weren’t kidding …Instead of being turned-off, my girlfriend thinks [my Teddy Babe] is really cool. She plays with her when she comes over and braids her hair and puts it in ponytails. …She [even] makes suggestions about new outfits for her to wear! …I’m getting a little concerned. I think they ‘talk about me’ behind my back!”

“Well it’s been a year now and my Teddy Babe is still in great shape! To be honest, I never thought she’d last this long. I just wanted to write and wish you guys happy anniversary, and to thank you again for making such a cool product and an affordable one. …I must have owned 5 or 6 blow-up dolls in my life, and none of them lasted this long. You definitely gave me my money’s worth.”

Our apologies to many of our friends from The Doll Forum, who sent us some incredibly nice letters when we first introduced Teddy Babes. We unfortunately lost all your wonderful sentiments sent earlier than December 2006 when a computer hard drive crashed, which is why they are not represented here.