Teddy Babes

5 feet, 5 inches (1.6510 meters) tall

Our posh, elegant girl-next-door, ROBYN (Ultra) comes complete with a beautiful sculpted silicone face (with silicone mouth/throat for oral pleasure), brown eyes, pink silicone nipples, silicone vagina, brown landing-strip pubes, and pink fingernails and toenails.  She wears a pink lace baby doll nightgown, sexy thong panties, and earrings.

Note:  Doll cannot stand on her own, but can stand with support.

Lingerie may be slightly different in style than shown.

$1,200.00 plus S&H

All Teddy Babes Ultra dolls are made to order.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

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Unlike our traditional Teddy Babes, our Ultra models have more realistic, soft and flexible silicone faces, with life-like acrylic eyes and lashes.  

And, yes, their silicone mouths are designed to give oral pleasure!  Over the years, a great many of our customers have requested Teddy Babes with open mouths that can give oral satisfaction, and now they’re finally here!  Each Teddy Babes Ultra model has sensual and kissable, extremely soft and flexible silicone lips, which open into their equally soft and flexible silicone mouths and throats, which are ribbed and extend a full 5 inches into their cushiony plush heads.  Combined with their light weight and easy-to-manipulate plush bodies, our Teddy Babes Ultra models are perfect for enjoying oral pleasure at different angles and positions.  

Along with their sensuous silicone mouths/throats, each Teddy Babes Ultra model also comes complete with a silicone vagina insert, which is especially designed for Teddy Babes.  Their ultra soft and flexible silicone vaginas are also ribbed for added pleasure, and can be removed for easy clean-up or use in other Teddy Babes models.  

In addition to their faces and vaginas, each Teddy Babes Ultra model has soft and extremely ‘lickable,’ ‘suckable’ silicone nipples – a super-sexy enhancement to her full, firm, and squeezable plush breasts.  The silicone nipples are very ‘stretchy’ and elastic, and far superior to the latex nipples that we’ve offered as special add-ons in the past.

Taken together, the special features of our Teddy Babes Ultra models create exciting new levels of love doll enjoyment.  From more intense and sensational sexual pleasure, to more realistic options for playing dress-up and fun photos; and even the ability to change or add to their lipstick or eyeshadow, and apply other kinds of makeup, Teddy Babes Ultra dolls offer tons of new and imaginative possibilities!

Unlike many other adult toy products (which may pose certain health risks), the silicone faces (mouths), vaginas, and nipples of our Teddy Babes Ultra dolls are made in the USA from 100% safe, highest quality silicone; and each doll comes complete with water-based lubricant, detailed instructions, and a clean up / maintenance kit.