Teddy Babes

What is a Teddy Babe?

Teddy Babes™ are stuffed, plush adult toys –the most sensual, warm, and unique love dolls (sex dolls) ever created.  Remember when you were a kid and used to cuddle up at night with your favorite teddy bear?  Well, now you’re all grown up, and a beautiful plush girlfriend is waiting to share your bed!

Unlike flimsy, inflatable sex dolls or very expensive, high-end love dolls made of silicone or TPE, which are quite heavy, prone to damage, and naturally cold to the touch, Teddy Babes are warm, light-weight, long-lasting, and cuddly; made of velvety-soft plush material, with poseable bodies, gorgeous hair, and a sexy ‘persona’ –an ideal bedtime companion; a stuffed erotic fantasy come true.  At an affordable price, and with a number of desirable models to choose from, our Teddy Babes are easy to carry and manipulate, and so perfect for vigorous ‘bed play,’ as well as for traveling and easy storage.

Now new and improved, with enhanced internal armatures, a new anal opening, and dynamic rotating leg joints, adding dramatically to their flexibility and allowing them to be enjoyed far more easily and comfortably in various sexual positions –from missionary, to doggie-style, and even anal!

Whether you’re new to love dolls, looking to add to your adult toy collection, or just something warm and friendly to snuggle, Teddy Babes are an excellent choice. 

Why hug your pillow at night when you can hug one of these?

Bringing pleasure and comfort to thousands of happy customers since 2006, Teddy Babes are made from materials that are 100% safe, and created and manufactured in the USA.