Teddy Babes

The most sensual and unique adult toy love dolls ever created, Teddy Babes are now better than ever!


Velvety Plush Body​

Unlike silicone or TPE love dolls and related adult sex toys, a Teddy Babe’s body is made of soft, velvety, plush material, stuffed firmly with non-allergenic poly-fil, which both mimics the silkiness of human skin while giving her a warm and cuddly quality that’s lacking in silicone love dolls and other adult toys.  This also makes her extremely light and easy to manipulate and play with.  There is no need to inflate or use a heating pad to warm up a Teddy Babe love doll. Rather, like any teddy bear or other stuffed toy, Teddy Babes are natural bedtime companions, and are not prone to leaking or tearing, but have bodies that can withstand and recover from an estimated 500 pounds of pressure.


Now with an enhanced, softer, and much more flexible interior wire skeleton, and with rotating pivot joints at her head, arms, and now even her legs, Teddy Babes are more poseable than ever before!

They can be enjoyed much more easily and comfortably in numerous sex positions, and can even sit realistically and be posed in kneeling positions. They can also now be “balled up” into a true fetal position for ease of storage, making them easier to conceal or fit into a suitcase for travel.

Their new rotating leg joints allow our Teddy Babes to spread their legs wide, making missionary, girl-on-top, and even doggie-style much more realistic and comfortable.   Their vaginas are now re-positioned to enhance greater penetration, and can fit our new Ultra silicone vaginal insert (see our Products page) and well as other silicone vaginas and related sex toys.  

In addition to their new rotating leg joints, all Teddy Babes now complete with an anal entry point, adding an extra dimension of sensual pleasure. Her anal pocket can also be fit with our new Ultra silicone anal insert (see our Products page) for a more realistic sensation.

Ultra Soft and Kissable Silicone Lips

All Teddy Babes now come complete with new Ultra soft and kissable silicone lips, which are far more sensual and supple than our traditional latex lips, as well as more durable and long-lasting.

Breasts & Rear-end

Teddy Babe’s breasts are full, soft, and firm, with nipples made of the same smooth and kissable, velvety plush material.  Teddy Babes Ultra models come with nipples made of soft, suckable silicone, and we now offer special silicone nipple customizations for all Teddy Babes Deluxe models as well (see our Products page).  Her rear is sexy, round, and squeezable; and looks great in a thong. 

Hands & Feet

Like the rest of her body, each of your Teddy Babe’s fingers has a durable, bendable wire skeleton, allowing you to form her hands into various gestures, or even hold things. Her fingers have elegant, plastic designer fingernails –all the better to stroke your chest and other sensitive areas; and her sensuous plush feet have individual toes and toenails.  Teddy Babes wear a size-6 women’s shoe, and their feet look great in all kinds of footwear, from tennis shoes, to pumps, to the sexiest stilettos.


A Teddy Babe’s face is not intended to be realistic, but faithful to her nature as a sexy plush love doll character.  (Teddy Babes Ultra models have more realistic silicone faces.)  Her eyes are made of lifelike printed decals supported by a plastic base. The eyes vary in style and color; depending on which Teddy Babes character they belong to. Lips also vary in style and color from model to model, and are made of soft, kissable rubber.


Each Teddy Babe has beautiful, silky hair made from a high-quality fashion wig. The wig is held securely to the Teddy Babe’s head by safety pins, and can be removed for easy cleaning and replacement. 


Each Teddy Babe comes dressed in a basic lingerie set, consisting of a sexy lace or satin teddy nightie (yes, pun intended) or corset, garters (if applicable), and stockings (if applicable). The lingerie color depends on which model it belongs to. Your Teddy Babe can be undressed and re-dressed with other women’s clothing.

Perfect for Dressing Up

Teddy Babes can be re-dressed in all manner of outfits, latest fashions, and sexy costumes.  (See our Products page for available costumes and other fashion items.)


Yes, you can have intercourse with your Teddy Babe love doll.  Perhaps the most unique and unusual feature of your Teddy Babe is her vaginal entry point; complete with simulated pubic hair and a super-silky plush insert, or as we like to call it, “Pussy Velour.”  Providing an unorthodox but silky-smooth and highly-pleasurable sensation, the plush insert extends deep into the Teddy Babe’s body and is collapsed and compressed by the surrounding poly-fil stuffing, until something enters and causes it to expand. It is, therefore, a tight, compressed space, just like a real vagina. 

Held in place by an interior soft plastic ring, the plush vaginal insert can be removed and turned inside-out for easy clean-up with soap and water. After drying, it can then be re-inserted and used again. Additional plush inserts are also available on our Products page.

For those who prefer a more wet and realistic sensation, in place of the plush insert, your Teddy Babe’s vagina is able to fit a great many silicone vagina toys of comparable shape and size, which are widely available online throughout the adult sex toy marketplace.  Female condoms also work exceptionally well. 

Size and Weight 

Unlike silicone or TPE love dolls, which weigh about 100 pounds or more and can be very difficult to move, a Teddy Babe is easily manipulated during use, and can be enjoyed in any number of sex positions.  Our Teddy Babes stand approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall (1.6510 meters) and weigh less than 20 pounds. Her light weight and ‘squeezable’ nature also aids in storage, making her ease to conceal on a closet shelf on under a bed, etc.  Teddy Babes are also perfect love doll traveling companions, fitting easily into an appropriately sized suitcase.

Acceptability Factor

In addition to being easy to conceal, some owners typically leave their Teddy Babes love dolls out in the open for all to see, sitting them in a chair or lying on their bed, etc. Because she’s a plush character, as well as a work of art, Teddy Babes are not typically perceived as sex dolls or adult sex toys, but as cute and sexy novelties; and women especially seem to find them attractive.

Durable and Long-lasting

Unlike love dolls made of silicone, TPE, or latex, which are prone to tearing, deterioration, and other types of damage, Teddy Babes are extremely well made, highly durable and long-lasting, making them a great value and solid investment for the discerning doll buyer.  Many of our original customers, from as early as 2006, report that their Teddy Babes are still doing well and in very good condition. 

Reasonable Price

Teddy Babes are one of the best values in the adult sex toy market today, far less expensive than other leading silicone or TPE love dolls, with none of the drawbacks (e.g. coldness, prone to damage, heavy weight, storage problems, or health concerns), and numerous, unique benefits (e.g. warm and cuddly, light-weight, durable, long-lasting, easy to store and transport, and safe).  At an affordable price, and with a number of desirable models to choose from, there’s really no reason to settle for just one. Collect them all, and create your own Teddy Babes harem! 


Your Teddy Babe is shipped to you privately and discretely via FedEx or UPS in a large, sturdy cardboard box measuring 48” x 16” x 12” (with the doll’s legs bent at the knees). The box will be unmarked, with return address information reading “Eighth Wonder, LLC.”    For multiple love doll orders, each Teddy Babe may be shipped to you individually or together in one box.


Q: How do Teddy Babes compare to silicone or TPE love dolls?
They’re different. It’s like trying to compare apples and oranges. Silicone or TPE love dolls are extraordinary works of realistic sculpture meant to faithfully represent an actual woman. But, along with this, they have certain drawbacks, such as heavy weight (about 100 pounds or more), making them difficult to move and manipulate; being cold to the touch; and being prone to tearing, deterioration, and other kinds of damage. There are also some possible health concerns. Teddy Babes, on the other hand, are definitely safe; light weight; warm and cuddly; long lasting and durable; and easy to manipulate, store, and transport. While somewhat less realistic than silicone or TPE love dolls, Teddy Babes convey a very sexy and attractive character image –a unique ‘personality’ that’s all their own. No one ever confused his childhood teddy bear with a real bear, right? Yet, you loved your teddy bear all the same. Teddy Babes are kind of like that.

Q: Are Teddy Babes like latex love dolls (blow up dolls)?
Not really. While they are light weight like conventional blow-up sex dolls, Teddy Babes are not inflatable or made of latex, but made of velvety-soft plush material stuffed with non-allergenic poly-fil. Essentially, they’re ‘stuffed pretty girls,’ as opposed to stuffed animals (such as teddy bears). They’re also of far superior quality than most, if not all, inflatable love dolls, given that they include moveable joints, a high-quality fashion wig, and other special features.

Q: Can I sleep with my Teddy Babe?
Sure. Just as you would sleep with a teddy bear as a kid. They’re warm and soft, and perfect for cuddling.

Q: How big is a Teddy Babe?
Teddy Babes stand approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall (1.6510 meters) and weigh less than 20 pounds.

Q: How much weight can my Teddy Babe support?
A Teddy Babe love doll is a stuffed plush toy, and like any stuff toy of similar size, we estimate that it can withstand over 500 pounds of pressure. This does not mean it won’t be flattened out a bit by such exerted force. However, like a teddy bear or other stuffed animal, it will easily recover when helped back into place.

Q: Can I pose my Teddy Babe?
Yes. A Teddy Babe love doll can be posed in various ways and enjoyed in numerous sex positions. She has teddy-bear-style pivot joints at her head, upper arms/shoulders, and hips/legs; and the rest of her body contains a highly-durable, bendable wire skeleton, allowing her to hold innumerable poses. Her fingers also contain bendable wires that allow her to make different gestures and to grasp and hold objects.

Q: Will a Teddy Babe stand erect on its own?
No, not normally on her own. But, given her wire skeleton, she will stand erect with some support. She can also, with some support, maintain herself in a kneeling position.

Q: Can I enjoy my Teddy Babe love doll in different sexual positions?
Yes. Because of her light weight, combined with her poseable joints and wire skeleton, a Teddy Babe can (within reason) assume a variety of sexual positions and is a very versatile adult sex toy.

Q: So, I can have sex with my Teddy Babe love doll?
Yes. Each Deluxe Teddy Babe love doll has a plush vagina, complete with simulated pubic hair and a super-silky plush insert, which we affectionately refer to as “Pussy Velour.” The “Pussy Velour” insert provides a silky-smooth and highly pleasurable sensation. It is held in place by an interior soft, plastic ring, and can be removed from your Teddy Babe’s body for easy cleaning with soap and warm water, and then dried, replaced, and used again.

Q: Is the plush insert leak resistant?
To an extent, yes. Some dampness may seep through; and if that’s a concern, each Teddy Babe comes with a thin plastic “sheath” that can be inserted into the doll’s body cavity before you place the plush insert inside. It will then act as a barrier between the interior of the doll and the fabric of the plush insert.

Q: What if I don’t like the plush insert? Can I use a silicone or latex insert instead?
Your Teddy Babe’s vagina can accommodate many silicone or latex vaginas and ‘strokers’ available throughout the adult toy marketplace. Simply remove the plush insert and carefully introduce a silicone or latex one of comparable size and shape. Many of our customers also report that female condoms work very well. Also, for those who prefer a more wet and realistic sensation, our Teddy Babes Ultra models come with silicone vaginas especially designed for Teddy Babes.

Q: What about oral entries?
Deluxe Teddy Babe models do not feature oral entries. However, our Teddy Babes Ultra models are designed to deliver realistic oral pleasure.

Q: What does my Teddy Babe love doll come dressed in?
All Teddy Babes come dressed in a lingerie set, consisting of a sexy teddy nightie or corset and stockings (when applicable). The lingerie color depends on which Teddy Babe love doll model you select.

Q: Can I dress my Teddy Babe in other clothing?
Yes. You can dress them in anything you like. Teddy Babes are perfect for dressing up in all the latest fashions and sexy costumes. See our Products page for available costumes and other fashion items.

Q: Can I remove or change my Teddy Babe’s wig?
All fashion wigs come attached to the Teddy Babe’s head, connected by safety pins, so the wig can be removed for cleaning and/or replacement.

Q: Can I machine-wash my Teddy Babe?
We don’t recommend it. While the body itself should hold up to machine washing, the Teddy Babe’s permanently attached eyes, lips, pubes, and nails will almost certainly be damaged in the process. We therefore recommend that you clean your Teddy Babe with a damp (or wet) washcloth, some delicate fabric cleaner, like Woolite, or soap and water, and then blow-dry as necessary.

Q: Can I bathe or shower with my Teddy Babe?
Again, we don’t recommend it. See the previous question above.

Q: Will there be a male Teddy Babe love doll?
Yes, we hope to introduce a male Teddy Babe at some point in the near future.

Q: Can you customize a Teddy Babe just for me?
We do occasionally accept special commissions. A full customized creation will of course cost considerably more, since it will involve additional supply sourcing, pattern making, experimentation, and character design. Accepting a special commission depends on what you have in mind and how involved / expensive it will be for us. However, we also can normally (and for no extra cost) do simple custom substitutions of existing model eyes (eye color), lips (lip color), nail color, pubic hair color or style (or no pubes at all), wig, and lingerie color. If you’d like a simple change such as this, simply mention it in the Customer Notes section of our online order form when placing your order, and we will take care of it.

Q: What if I’m allergic to my Teddy Babe?
Teddy Babes are made of velvety plush material that is commonly found in commercial stuffed animals. They are also stuffed with non-allergenic poly-fil. If you are in any way allergic to commercial stuff animal products, synthetic fibers, or synthetic wig hair, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase a Teddy Babe, and we cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions.

Q: Can I return my Teddy Babe if I don’t like it?
Unfortunately, no. While we strive to satisfy our customers in every reasonable way, the nature of the product must require that all sales be final.

Q: How is my Teddy Babe shipped to me?
A Teddy Babe is shipped to you privately and discretely via FedEx or UPS in a large, sturdy cardboard box measuring 48” x 16” x 12” (with the doll’s legs bent at the knees). The box will be unmarked, with return address information reading “Eighth Wonder, LLC.” For multiple love doll orders, each Teddy Babe may be shipped to you individually or together in one box.